Founders commented on quant_kit plans

Our founders commented on the quant_kit value proposition, current development status and plans for future growth for leading polish fintech and startups portals.

“The main benefit we want to give future users is the reduction of the duration of the analytical process. At the same time, we will provide the opportunity to extend the scope of analyzes with many data sources using advanced ML and search methods. Each user will have at their disposal a flexible search engine for structured data and market analyzes – the results will be presented on an interactive dashboard. The main external sources of information will include, but are not limited to, web content, sentiment expressed on social media, internet trends, networks of actors and markets, advertising data, patent and innovation data, internet traffic. Our goal is therefore not to replace proven analytical solutions used in companies for years, but to supplement these tools with alternative sources of information supporting inference and business decisions” explains Michał Jaworski, co-founder and CEO of Banacha Street.

“Perhaps the greatest advantage of the solution will be the provision of aggregated information in a graphic form, including showing the links between selected objects and capturing sentiments and trends. The retrieved information will be presented in the form of a market analysis, with the ordering of the significance level of the objects in terms of the question asked. Another benefit for the user will be the ability to formulate any number of queries for the full analytical context. In the world of business, economic and investment analysis, alternative data may turn out to be more important than financial data” adds Wojciech Zdunkiewicz, co-founder and board member of Banacha Street.

“Quant_kit is currently launching two independent pilot versions of its solution. One of them in a leading capital market infrastructure institution in Poland, the other – in a company from the energy sector. Implementation projects are to be carried out by the end of the year. As a result of these impQuant_kitlementations, the company’s founders predict the interest of a wide market of recipients and plan to build a portfolio of domestic and foreign clients as early as in 2021. – As a company, we have a very good start. We have noticed that our product will also serve the strategy, business and security departments of enterprises whose profile is not focused on investments – this significantly broadens the target group and the growth perspective. The next six months will allow us, on the one hand, to quickly refine the technology, and on the other hand, we will refine the offer for other customers” – adds Wojciech Zdunkiewicz.

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