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Best-in-class market intelligence based on web-data and data science techniques

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+$1,000Mbiggest clients revenue
354%avg ROI on Market Intelligence
+100,000tracked businesses

Uncover market insights

Real-time business intelligence embedded into your budgeting and strategy


Effective Market Intelligence KPIs

Track market shares, brand awareness, quality compliance, customer acquisition costs and more.

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Monitor competitor prices, products and reviews

Create a data-driven strategy to adjust your prices and offer to optimize your revenue and beat the competition.

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Market sizing and trends

Track demand and supply trends for a given product, category, market and location.

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Customer-first approach

We focus on understanding our customers and customize our products individually for them

Attention to detail

Highest standards of data and analytics quality and products maintenance

Quick win

The ability to deliver a solution even within 48 hours of initial contact

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