Our mission is to help business intelligence experts instantly get access to market insights

Our Story

We are a technology group which provides technological solutions using numerical methods and machine learning techniques. Our founders are industry professionals who have a strong scientific background from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics - Quant_kit Sp. z o.o. was founded as a spin-off with the University of Warsaw.

The aim of the Group is to share expertise and bring innovation to the market. By creating the environment that stimulates collaboration and communication, we enhance research capabilities and attract the best experts and researchers. We ensure our team is constantly developing and we are open for new challenges.

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We use Banach Street's Big Data solution to create an effective pricing strategy and understand competitors activities

Jarek - Head of Analytics, HoReCa
5 / 5

Collaboration with Banach Street team will improve the use of alternative data in investment processes

Robert - Partner, Hedge Fund
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Marketplaces web data and analytics that we receive from Banacha Street every day allows us to track market penetration KPIs

Tomasz - Project Manager, Logistics
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Banacha Street’s external data gathering processes allow us to effectively deal with unstructured data from multiple sources

Tim - Partner, AI Consulting