Online scientific and business events platform

Online scientific and business events platform

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, access information, and interact with one another. Unfortunately, these same technological advances have resulted in an overload of information, which can be overwhelming and make it difficult to focus on a particular topic or task. It can leave us feeling disoriented and unable to make effective decisions. To better manage the overload of data and regain focus, there are several strategies one can utilize. First, it is important to adopt an organized, goal-oriented strategy when attempting to amass large amounts of information. Define the purpose of your search and make sure you are only accessing relevant, high-quality sources. Utilizing effective filters and subscribing to specific media outlets can help simplify and streamline the process. Second, it can be beneficial to limit the amount of time spent seeking additional information. Once you have found enough pieces of relevant data to draw meaningful conclusions, begin analysing and evaluating the data. This will help prevent distraction and procrastination due to the allure of seeking out any superfluous information. Third, it is important to utilize efficient methods for organizing, evaluating, and communicating information. For instance, utilizing automated software to create searchable databases of data can significantly enhance one’s ability to access, and make decisions based on, the readily available information.

The Problem

Finding and assigning the best webinars and online events dedicated to specialised topics among 100s of event organisers with differentiated data sources and structure.

Our Solution

Cloud-based architecture with universal events data gathering pipelines and NLP services that based on textual data can i.a. perform tagging and clustering events, produce short summary, identify locations, organisations and more. We are building services based on i.a. Transformer-based (e.g. BART) models.


Automated, centralized events data fetching and analytics system providing data related to 10s of new events on a daily basis. It is used to find the best events and webinars organised both by leading global universities and top business organisations.

Key Takeaway

100% of relevant events matched to user preferences with significantly reduced search time.

Technology Keywords

Python, NLP, API, Cloud-based, Web-scraping

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